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What's happening in Thamesmead?

There are all sorts of sections to explore on this website, including News and Events so you  can keep up to date with everything that is going on in Thamesmead; a Gallery including photos and videos so you can see what went on at each event; Our Community featuring everything from the history of Thamesmead to a Thamesmead Directory full of contact details for community groups, schools and companies in the area and a section called Trust, where you can find out more about us, Trust Thamesmead - Thamesmead's leading community development agency and registered charity.

Keep logging on for the latest news and events - and don't forget to let us know what you, your school or community group is up to so we can advise everyone else.

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Joining Peabody Group

Trust Thamesmead has joined the Peabody Group in what is a fantastic move not only for the Trust but for Thamesmead and its residents as a whole. There is a lot to look forward to.

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Now's the Time

Spend 5 minutes reading our website and we’ll tell you how you can get active in Thamesmead for just £1 as part of Now’s the Time for Thamesmead residents, workers and volunteers.

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Millions of Reasons to Smile

We've helped to secure £3.5m to improve access and facilities in Lesnes Abbey Woods. Help us to make the 12th century abbey ruin, ancient woodland and a fossil bed the place we want it to be!

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£30k up for Grabs

If you live in South Thamesmead and have a grand plan that will benefit your community but you need the cash to do it, then we may just have the answer. Find out more... we want to hear from you.

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Here for Thamesmead Residents

There are many ways we can help residents of Thamesmead, from job searches, training and volunteering opportunities to sign-posting people to our partners regarding finance and more.

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Make The Link

Recognise this building? The Link Thamesmead is located under the roundabout in the sky in Harrow Manor Way - the building itself is out of this world, what is on offer inside is even better!

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