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What's happening in Thamesmead?

There are all sorts of sections to explore on this website, including News and Events so you  can keep up to date with everything that is going on in Thamesmead; a Gallery including photos and videos so you can see what went on at each event; Our Community featuring everything from the history of Thamesmead to a Thamesmead Directory full of contact details for community groups, schools and companies in the area and a section called Trust, where you can find out more about us, Trust Thamesmead - Thamesmead's leading community development agency and registered charity.

Keep logging on for the latest news and events - and don't forget to let us know what you, your school or community group is up to so we can advise everyone else.

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£80m Boost for Thamesmead

Two new housing zones worth more than £80m have been announced for Thamesmead, creating thousands of new homes and jobs and improving the local environment.

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Thamesmead Forums

Help to shape the changes you want to see in Thamesmead by attending one of our area forum meetings. Have your say and meet others in your community who are just as passionate about the area.

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Lesnes to Crossness Pathway

Works to transform the public footpath which connects two of Thamesmead's leading tourist attractions, Lesnes Abbey ruins to Crossness Pumping Station being on 16 February.

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Book your Space

Do you ever wonder what Peabody's other estates in different parts of London look like and how they run? Join us on this day trip to King's Cross and you can find out!

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Winter Warmers

Thamesmead residents gained tips on how to keep warm this winter at an event held at the Pop in Parlour whilst others received a home visit from staff of the Peabody Group and our local MP.

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Here for Thamesmead Residents

There are many ways we can help residents of Thamesmead, from job searches, training and volunteering opportunities to sign-posting people to our partners regarding finance and more.

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