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T'riffic Projects and Endorsements

All 13 schools in Thamesmead got involved in T'riffic Thamesmead during the first year (2008). During that time pupils made badges, monopoly boards, murals and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about T'riffic Thamesmead or know of anyone working on the project who would like their work published on our website, please contact us.


Some schools and community groups really have gone to town with their T'riffic Thamesmead projects; from a Monopoly board made by 5th Abbey Wood and Thamesmead Brownies and Rainbows to Heronsgate Primary School's mural which can be seen on the side of their building.



Here are just some of the messages sent from the local schools, stating how interesting children found T'riffic Thamesmead...

The project created an awareness of their (children's) community and knowledge of the history of where they live. It also had an impact on their relationship and emotional development. We underwent an Ofsted inspection during the time of the project and secured an ‘Outstanding’ for curriculum.
Ann Pratt, Hawksmoor Primary School

We really liked the learning wheel link to curriculum skills. The project encouraged children to talk positively about their community and learning the history of the area in turn led them to value it.

We have decided to use the project for next term’s creative curriculum topic so we can complete the work in more detail. I have also been inspired to create a mural for our school based upon Thamesmead. This would represent Thamesmead in the present as well as the history/heritage of the area, activities available, faith groups, environment, positive images, etc.
Zoe Salmon, Heronsgate Primary

We devoted the first week after half-term to studying Thamesmead using the education pack. All 210 pupils and the children in the Nursery and reception classes took part and produced a stunning array of visual materials which were presented at a whole school assembly.
Michelle McGuiness, Parkway Primary

The T’riffic Thamesmead project has made an immense difference to how our pupils view living in Thamesmead and their sense of self-worth and pride in their community had increased significantly. I would like to thank the Trust for leading on an initiative which I believe will make a tangible difference in the long term.
Simon Prynne, Jubilee Primary

We used the resources in the first term of our Year 7 Integrated Humanities Curriculum. We planned a scheme based around what Thamesmead and the local community means to the students. We found the T’riffic Thamesmead resources great for showing the students how Thamesmead has changed over time and the students found the videos particularly engaging.
Tom Beveridge, Second in charge of Humanities,
Business Academy Bexley

The project gives a focal point to a number of key features of the locality’s development. I anticipate it will show our pupils that their local history means something. Pride in the past generates pride for the present and a wish to look after the area.
Andrew Cowley, Castilion Primary

Our children saw their area in a new light and identified positively with their local community raising their self-esteem. We enjoyed conducting the project very much and the children enjoyed learning about Thamesmead
Audrey Miranda, Jubilee Primary

The teachers that have used the pack have found it very useful and informative, and the children have been fascinated to learn about the area that they live and see some proof of its history.
Mary Ryan, St John Fisher Primary

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