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What's happening in Thamesmead?

There are all sorts of sections to explore on this website, including News and Events so you  can keep up to date with everything that is going on in Thamesmead; a Gallery including photos and videos so you can see what went on at each event; Our Community featuring everything from the history of Thamesmead to a Thamesmead Directory full of contact details for community groups, schools and companies in the area and a section called Trust, where you can find out more about us, Trust Thamesmead - Thamesmead's leading community development agency and registered charity, part of the Peabody Community Foundation.

Keep logging on for the latest news and events - and don't forget to let us know what you, your school or community group is up to so we can advise everyone else.

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Why not pop by and say hello if you're in the neighbourhood.
Able to Help During Refurbishment
We are currently based at The Link Thamesmead while our office is undergoing refurbishment. To find out more about how we can help you, the refurbishment and how to contact us, click here...
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What's Happening in Thamesmead
From arts festivals and family programmes - whether it is a one-off event or a programme of activities, if it is happening in Thamesmead and we know about it, you can read about it here.
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Proposals for Thamesmead
Find out more about Peabody's proposals for Abbey Wood, South Thamesmead, Plumstead and West Thamesmead by logging onto their website, where you will find out all the latest information.
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Helping Thamesmead Families
Our popular free 13-week parenting course is returning to Thamesmead. If you are an expectant parent/carer or have children under the age of 18 and want to take part then get in touch.
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Positive Steps Thamesmead
More than 700 Thamesmead residents have benefited from help and support from our pioneering partnership project in its first year. If you are facing a difficult time, get in touch.
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Sporting Club Thamesmead
Set in a stunning location, Sporting Club Thamesmead's the place to be, whether you want to get involved in Now's the Time Thamesmead's activities from as little as £1, watch a game of football or hire a room.
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Sporting Club in Thamesmead Investor in People
Trust Thamesmead is part of the Peabody Group
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