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GMTV with Lorraine Film in Thamesmead

GMTV with Lorraine visited Thamesmead on Thursday 19 November to record their Drop a Dress Size in a Month segment at Thamesmead's indoor climbing wall The cAve.

The segment has been running on GMTV with Lorraine for two weeks; seeing three viewers, 56 year old Sylvia Stoner, 37 year old Sarah-Jane Gray and 28 year old Lisa Nicholls taking part in a weight loss programme, which includes changing their attitudes and lifestyles to adopt to a new nutrition and fitness plan.

Today's filming was all about confidence building. The ladies didn't know what they were letting themselves in for as they turned up in Thamesmead on a cold, Thursday morning. Their faces were a picture as they entered The cAve and were welcomed by fitness guru Tracy Mallett who said: “Girls, it's all about confidence.” With nutrition expert Phil Mundy adding: “And doing something you never thought you'd do!” with both of them saying in unison: “Today we're rock climbing!”

And Phil was right! “I never thought I'd go rock climbing,” said Sylvia. “I am terrified of heights.” As they were each kitting up in preparation for their climbs.

Afterwards Lisa said: “It's so difficult. You're trying to cling on as you move your feet.”

“Having big boobs doesn't help either.” said Sylvia.

With Sarah-Jane adding: “The coming down was harder but I believe you should do something that scares you every day.

“I'm going to ask my brother if we can go rock climbing at the weekend, without telling him I have done this. He will be so surprised.”

All three ladies are dedicated to the programme and facing the challenges that are set. Sylvia said: “Fitting in the exercise is the hardest thing but I love the recipes that Phil has provided. I'll definitely carry on with those after the show.”

Admittedly some of the ladies did better than others in rock climbing. You will have to watch GMTV with Lorraine next week to see how the ladies got on!

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