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Arnott pre-school pass Ofsted result

Arnott Pre-school, run by Trust Thamesmead, is celebrating after a magnificent Ofsted report.

The purpose of the inspection is to assure government, parents and the public of the quality of childcare and, if applicable, nursery education.

Arnott scored well in the effectiveness of the provision to:
• Help children be healthy
• Protecting children from harm or neglect
• Helping them stay safe
• Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do
• Helping children make a positive contribution
• Organisation

Ofsted Inspector, Linda Margaret Nicholls said of Arnott preschool, “Children are provided with a wide variety of everyday experiences promoting their understanding of good health and linking this to their own practice.

“Children are cared for in a safe, secure environment. There is plenty of space for them to move around, explore and play freely. The outside play area is used daily as an integral part of children's environment…play items and equipment are of good educational standard.

“Children have secure relationships because staff know them well, are kind and caring and spend most of their time playing and talking with them. Children make progress in all area of learning because staff are experienced, qualified and understand how to engage and maintain children's interest.

“The quality of teaching is good. Children are making consistent progress through all areas of the play year's curriculum. Planning is based on individual starting points and builds on what children know and what they can do. Development records are clear and informative, reflecting the stepping stones and next steps on the early learning goals.”

Ofsted's presence is always impromptu, “The Inspector rang the bell at 9:30am and watched everything we did for two full days,” said Arnott's manager, Tracey Norcott. “It was very nerve racking but we are really happy with the result.”

Well done to all those involved.

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