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Fine Start for Fair Finance

In the last issue of Trust Talk we told you about the new financial inclusion service being run by Fair Finance from our offices in the town centre that offers affordable loans and money advice.

To find out how things have gone in the past couple of months we talked to one of the team, Tariq Monsur who was very positive about the difference the service is already making:

“The service was very helpful. I did not know where to turn to. Fair Money Advice took the time to explain things clearly. I received a plan of how to move forward. I first received advice over the telephone where the advisor asked me questions and offered solutions. This reassured me and gave me the confidence to attend an appointment." - Fair Finance money advice client

“So far I have seen more than 45 clients and have approved loans for around 30. The access to credit is very limited in Thamesmead and from speaking to clients most have loans with terms that are leaving them gasping for air.
“My clients have been very relieved that there is another solution to credit and now we need to find ways of reaching those people who haven't heard about our service yet.

“The numbers are increasing every week and many requests for affordable loans are coming from home owners who are facing difficulties with paying their mortgage or other financial credit.

“Last week I saw a client who thought she would not be able to get a loan through a mainstream bank so didn't even try because she believed she'd be refused. However, I was able to show her that her financial credentials were sound. She did go to the bank and her loan was approved. She was ecstatic.

“Going forward we are going to work hard to get a clear understanding of all the needs of people in Thamesmead and spread the word about how we can help them as much as possible.”

“The service was excellent. We really needed money in a hurry. We received money within one week. We had payday loans which were much more expensive. Fair Personal Loans are much more flexible and affordable.” - Fair Finance personal loan client.


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