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Health Inquality Matters

We are pleased to be leading the way in identifying and tackling health inequality in Thamesmead as a founder member of the ‘Thamesmead Health and Wellbeing Partnership.

And, as the Trust’s Head of Partnerships and Engagement Lucy Webb told Trust Talk, excellent progress is being made.

“Since 2009 local authorities have been tasked with the development of a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) in order to provide the underpinning health information that is required for the effective commissioning of health and wellbeing services.

“The process of developing a JSNA involves key decision-makers and the result should be a needs assessment that encompasses health and social issues as well as the broader determinants of health.

“In Spring 2013 the Thamesmead Health and Wellbeing Partnership was initiated by the Trust to consider the health needs of the population with the Trust having identified tackling health inequalities as a key strategic focus in this area.

“Health outcomes in parts of Thamesmead, on both sides of the Bexley and Greenwich borough borders, are amongst the poorest in the country, reflecting the health inequality experienced by East London populations on both sides of the river.

“Poor health and health inequalities are underpinned by a wide range of economic and social factors including income and income inequality; educational attainment; employment; housing and the built environment; and social networks; as well as the cultural and individual factors impacting on health related behaviours including smoking, diet, physical activity, alcohol and substance misuse and the nature and availability of health and social care services.

“The Thamesmead Health and Well Being Partnership has brought together a wide range of partners who have a role to play in addressing the underlying causes of poor health in the area.

“Along with the rest of East London, Thamesmead is undergoing major new development which is set to continue for years to come. Supporting the development of a healthy, resilient community well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise, is a vital lever for reducing health inequalities.

“A robust data report has been compiled with the support of the Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency to provide the Thamesmead Health and Wellbeing Partnership with a clear picture of demographics of its resident population, their health and health related behaviour. This is being combined with an audit of community assets that can be developed to respond to local needs and support improved health outcomes of the population of Thamesmead converge with those of the rest of London.”

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