The Trust works with various service providers and community groups to offer volunteering opportunities to residents of Thamesmead.

Whether you fancy being a part of a community group, getting involved in a local campaign or volunteering at a one-off event, there is so much you can do to make a difference!

It’s easy to get involved. Just follow these three steps…

1) Ring us to book an appointment to come in and complete a Volunteering Enrolement Form (or fill one in and bring it with you)

2) Meet us for a chat about the kind of local volunteering you would enjoy taking part in

3) We will match you to a range of possible opportunities where you can really make a difference

Why people volunteer

People volunteer for many reasons, the most common being…

– For experience; volunteering looks great on a CV and may open doors in the future

– To build confidence and make new friends; often if people have been out of work or the social loop for a while, getting back into the swing of things can be a daunting prospect

– To give something back to the community; this may be because people have lived in an area for a while and want to contribute postively to their community

– Do something in their spare time; this is a popular reason for those with young children, are retired or recently unemployed

What we are looking for in a volunteer

Volunteering is supposed to fit around an individual, however there are a few qualities we look for in a volunteer…

– Commitment; if someone commits to a role, they need to make sure they can do it and if anything changes, please let us know

– Enthusiasm; we want individuals to be inspired by the roles they take on. If they get bored or the postion isn’t what they thought it would be, let us know and we will try and rematch them to another opportunity

– Respect; for our policies, procedures, staff, other volunteers and property

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