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cAve Climbing Wall Closure Announcement

Trust Thamesmead has announced the closure of The cAve indoor climbing wall, a decision that has been made on the basis that it is to close to make way for a one year build programme which will begin soon on the new youth leisure zone, which will be based in the arches, including that of The cAve, under the flyover in Harrow Manor Way.

Based on the cost of running the service and the implications of maintaining it during the closure, it found that the cost to the Trust of supporting The cAve has now reached an unsustainable level and would only increase, requiring an injection of its charitable funds. This financial year saw a lost of more than £110,000 compared to £37,000 in 2003-04.

The level of revenue support has largely been due to an increase in staff costs made necessary in order to meet climber/instructor ratio regulations. In simple terms, the more climbers using The cAve, the more members of staff there needed to be and outgoings have increasingly outstripped income.

Regrettably a result of this decision means that redundancies have been made necessary with The cAve's two full time members of staff and a number of sessional staff losing their jobs.

Trust Thamesmead's Chief Executive Mick Hayes said: “While the loss of any job is very regrettable; and our Cave team deserve praise for their hard work, there was no option other than to close the Cave in its present form. However, the Trust remains absolutely committed to opening a new facility within the new development which is due to open early next year.”

The cAve will be open for the very last time on Friday 28 May 2010.

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