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Residents Build a Brigther Future for Others

Trust Thamesmead's training and job search department, Building Futures worked with Grehan Contractors Ltd (GCL), the company building the Trust's two multi-million pound community facilities, The Link Thamesmead and Sporting Club Thamesmead, in providing two Thamesmead residents, a 32 week work contract.

Building Futures Project Manager, Sharron Hawe said: “The concept behind the idea was to provide two Thamesmead residents with a genuine interest in the construction industry some experience of working on sites, with the selected candidates having the opportunity to explore management and operative roles.”

Over a two week period, Building Futures selected 10 candidates and tutored them in interview skills, CV writing and enrolled them for Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) training and on completion, a CSCS card.

Sharron continues: “The interviews were really successful and for most, it was their first interview experience. As agreed, Grehan's gave constructive feed back for those who were not successful and the team is currently working with them to develop their skills further.”

The two successful Thamesmead residents are 24 year old Louis Payne who works at The Link Thamesmead and 23 year old Adam Copeland who works at Sporting Club Thamesmead.

John Foley, Construction Manager, Grehan Contractors said: “We take as many work placements as possible. What has been interesting is that most approach us from college, whereas these work placements are learning from scratch.

“Louis and Adam have adapted to life in construction brilliantly. Both are punctual, committed and have a real desire to learn.”

Louis said: “My dad is a builder so I have been around construction sites all my life. This experience is great, as I am learning about all the different trades, how to read drawings and see how it all comes together.”

Adding: “The Link is an amazing piece of construction, built under the elevated roundabout at Harrow Manor Way. It is going to offer so much when it is open. I have always enjoyed drama and going to the gym, so I would have benefited from this when I was younger-I definitely would've gone with my friends.”

Adam said: “When you think about construction jobs, you mainly think about the manual side of things but I particularly enjoy the management side, which I didn't think I would be very good at. I've surprised myself and enjoy talking to clients, conducting tours and sending emails.”

Adding: “I am really enjoying bringing regeneration to Thamesmead-like Louis, I can only wish the likes of Sporting Club Thamesmead and The Link Thamesmead were available to me when I was younger.”

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