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Health and Wellbeing a Priority

The Trust, led by our new Healthy Living Coordinator, Janice Jones, is currently working in partnership with Greenwich and Bexley Public Health, Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency; local GPs; and other local voluntary and community groups to develop a programme to improve health and wellbeing across Thamesmead.

Janice explains: “The first stage of this programme has been to establish a joint Health and Wellbeing Forum for Thamesmead which provides an opportunity for all the partners above to come together and coordinate their approaches to improving health in the area.”

Currently Janice, working with GCDA and others, is leading an audit of the numerous assets that are located in Thamesmead to identify opportunities to utilise these more effectively in improving the health and wellbeing of local residents.

She added: “GCDA, supported by the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the London Borough of Bexley, has also been asked to undertake a comprehensive data analysis of health and wellbeing statistics and indicators available for the local area in order to inform an identification of the priority areas for addressing health and wellbeing in Thamesmead that collectively we can do something about.

“The culmination of all this work will be the development of a programme that truly responds to priority health and wellbeing needs across Thamesmead that draws on all the assets and resources available to us and maximises the potential for strong partnership work and collaboration.

“The programme is initially focussing on the Moorings area but will be working to address the whole of Thamesmead over time.”

Any questions, please contact Janice.

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