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Hard work pays off

All our hard work at the Trust has paid off, quite literally.

With around 20 applications made to Awards For All we can announce that Trust Thamesmead has so far succeeded in helping the following six Thamesmead based groups achieve funding of between £3500 and £5000.

Abbey Wood & Thamesmead U3A is open to anyone who is retired, or semi-retired. U3A is a ‘university' in the sense it provides opportunities for people to learn together in a self-help education co-operative.

There are more than 30 local U3As in Greater London alone, with a membership which already exceeds 11,000. All local U3As draw upon the knowledge, experience and skills of their members to organise interest groups in accordance with the wishes of the membership.

Between them, the U3As offer over 300 subjects in fields such as art, foreign languages, music, history, genealogy, life sciences, literature, poetry, gardening, philosophy, crafts, archaeology, astronomy and computing. Many U3As also organise their own programmes of social activities such as visits to theatres, concerts and exhibitions and holidays at home and abroad.

U3A have been awarded around £5,000 from Awards For All, which will go towards new blinds, an outing and also subsidise educational events.

Greenmead Over 50's enjoy more than just a game of Bingo - although they are partial to a game-or-two of the ball calling, pen stamping sessions.

Greenmead have been awarded around £5,000 which will be spent on outings, a new music system and Christmas celebrations.

Friends of the Atrium offer everything from a sewing group to line-dancing classes, a darts team to coffee mornings.

Friends of the Atrium have been awarded around £4,000, which will pay for a new bingo machine and outings.

“Funding enables us to help drum up interest in the area. If it wasn't for the attendees, there wouldn't be a Friends of the Atrium,” said Denis Thompson-Mason.

Thamesmead Falcons, previously known as Thamesmead Boy's FC, have made a huge impact in the world of football in the area of Thamesmead.

The club started in August 2005 with three junior teams. Fast forward 10 months and the club will be fielding eight junior teams in the Bexley League.

Thamesmead Falcons have been awarded around £3,800 which will go towards their ever expanding need for bigger changing rooms.

Fathers Arms run an ex-offenders home to help those who have been in prison gain training, employment and to overcome issues with drink and drugs and offer help so they are able to settle back into the community and are less likely to re-offend.

“Funding can mean the difference between surviving and closing down,” said Jon Pask, Co-ordinator of Fathers Arms, who added the £3500 funding will go towards equipment for the house.

Glimpsing Green's Neighbourhood Watch is re-launching and wants to encourage community cohesion in the area.

“There wouldn't be a Neighbourhood Watch without funding,” said Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Lorraine Andrews-Smith. “We are going to put the money towards good use, including a laptop and printer, so we are able to write, design and print leaflets to raise awareness of the diversity of the street, as well as reimbursing volunteers.

“We also want to start visiting different places in the area, be it the police station or people's places of work and we have already lined-up a class in self defence.”

The group have been awarded £4977.

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