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Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

The Chair of Trust Thamesmead Jackie Smith handed out awards at the Jack Petchey Awards ceremony held at the Thamesmead YMCA yachting club on Saturday, 5 July.

The Jack Petchey Awards for Achievement look for young people aged 11-25 who are not winners in any particular sport or academic form; they have to reach the target in an aspect in life where they can make a contribution to society.

Thamesmead YMCA winners of the Jack Petchey Awards…
• 12 year old Terri Butcher attended a weekend leadership course so can now help 5-8 year olds, to give them confidence in early stages of sailing.
• 13 year old Grace Sheridan attended the extra activity course and now teaches badge making to young sailors during bad weather
• 13 year old Robert Killick started to help young sailors over a period of 18 months to achieve his Assistant Instructor Certificate and 11 year old Mickey Newcombe has improved his sailing ability and shows keenness to reach a higher standard.

Royal Yacht Association Adult Sailing Certificates, Level 2 Basic Skills were awarded to…
• Niaham Masani and Aziz Rehman after travelling from North London to Thamesmead YMCA to learn sailing skills over a four week period.

Trust Thamesmead Chair Jackie Smith said: “The Jack Petchey Awards are fantastic because they highlight young people who put others first.

“It really was a great pleasure to present these awards to the young people and once again attend the Thamesmead YMCA sailing school, which do such a fantastic job for the people of Thamesmead.”

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